The whirlwind 2013/14 season promised a new dawn for Liverpool. But it was all a flash in the pan. I started a blog after that season and hoped to write about a team challenging for the title or at least for honours. But the Reds failed miserably last season and threfore I am putting my blog to bed, at least as long as Liverpool is among the also-rans. There is no point writing about a club destined for 5th to 8th place in the league. Even if it´s my beloved Liverpool FC.

Every Red fan want to see Liverpool be a club to be reckoned with again, a team to respect and even to be afraid of. But that is not going to happen in the foreseeable future. Not as long the ambitions are as low as they are now and the ability to build a great side is almost non-existent.
When world-class Luis Suarez left Liverpool bought eight players of decent quality, at best. None of them were hardly better than what we already had. We need to be buying top-class players, not solid or promising ones. I am talking of players like Karim Benzema, Gonzalo Higuain, Edinson Cavani and Robert Lewandowski. Only these kind of performers will take us to the next level, to a platform where we can compete successfully domestically and in Europe. And it´s of course not only strikers we need, also midfielders and defenders of higher standard than what we got now. To sign average players like Danny Ings and James Milner is all good and well but it will just keep us scrambling for Europa League places, if even that.

Hopefully the owners FSG and manager Brendan Rodgers realizes this and sign at least two players of the highest calibre this summer. It´s time for FSG to put their money where their mouth is. I doubt it and if we don´t buy well then another disappointing season in the doldrums awaits.

When Liverpool get their house in order and start to act like a big club I will come back and write about them again. When it´s any point in saying:

We Go Again.